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Our Team

Our team is formed by aspirational high school and college students in Irvine. We aim to spread the ideals of WiDS and promote data science to the young generation females in our region.

Dory(Yuanyuan) Ding

WiDS Irvine Ambassador + Organizing Committee Co-Chair

Hello! My name is Dory and I am currently a junior at Sage Hill School in Newport Beach. I am the regional ambassador of WiDS Irvine Chapter, and I the founder and co-chair of the 2023 April Youth Event. I am interested in data science and its real life applications. Besides that, I am also interested in other STEM subjects such as Applied Mathematics and Computer Science. Through WiDS, I hope I can inspire more young girls to be engaged in Data Science and promote #womeninstem to my community. 

My hobbies are dancing, playing a Chinese traditional instrument, playing tennis, drawing, etc. I also enjoy listening to KPOP music and performing arts. If you have any questions about me or our event, feel free to reach out to me through the email in our contact page! Hope to see you at our event! 

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Kristine Lu

Organizing Committee Co-Chair

Hi! I’m Kristine, a senior from University High School and a co-chair of the 2023 April Youth Event. I’m interested in math, computer science, artificial intelligence, and their applications in biology and other sciences. Through WiDS, I hope to help build a supportive community for girls interested in fields related to data science.


My hobbies include anything related to music (listening, writing, singing and playing), rock climbing, running, and baking. I also love to read and hang out with friends. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out!

Kelly (Yangkaili) Li

Program Sub-Committee Chair

Hello! My name is Kelly Li, and I am currently a freshman at the University of California, Irvine, planning to double major in Data Science and Mathematics. My fascination with data science stems from its transformative potential in our daily lives, and I am eager to delve deeper into the practical applications of this field. As a participant in the Women in Data Science (WiDS) initiative, I aim to inspire other women to explore the vast opportunities within data science. I am passionate about breaking down barriers and fostering an inclusive community where women feel empowered to pursue their interests in STEM fields. 

I love singing, dancing, playing the Chinese flute, baking, learning about various languages and cultures, and so on. Music is my life, and my favorite music genres are R&B and K-POP. I'm always open and eager for conversation, so if you're curious about any of my interests or want to chat, please don't hesitate to reach out at any time. I'm looking forward to connecting with you and hope to share memorable moments at our upcoming event!


Aurora Li

Finance Sub-Committee Chair 

Hi! My name is Aurora Li and I am a sophomore from Sage Hill School in Newport Beach. I am serving as the Chair of Finance in the April, 2024 Youth Event. I am extremely passionate about gender equality, and I believe that all women should have an opportunity in their lifetime to be exposed to STEM topics and to discuss their thoughts with others. In addition, I am interested in the healthcare field and want to dive deeper in behavioral science and neurology. In my free time, I love doing studio art, playing in bands, watching musicals, and hanging out with my friends! I am thrilled to learn new things and make new friends through WiDS, and I hope to spread data science and STEM to all girls in our community.

Amber(Sihan) Tao 

Publicity Sub-Committee Chair

Hi guys, this is Amber! I am currently a freshman at UCI who is majoring in Quantitative Econ. Although my major is not related to data science, I am interested in exploring this learning area. In my free time, I love doing things related to art and media. So, I have numerous marketing experiences in my high school, like managing an art students club, participating in national media competitions, and more. I am now the Marketing Executive Broad at UCI Chinese Union and the Marketing Intern at KUCI. Besides art, I also love music. I can play flute, and I am a big fan of KPOP. I hope I can meet different people in our team, and we can work together to do the best thing that everyone has passion for. I am looking forward to seeing you on our team and getting to know each other more!

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